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  1. ... work to *** work-study program, is in office the switchboard and the administrative assistant works, the work nearly two years time second work is in...

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  2. ...they were wise. 7.最後一句是什麼 意思 An established life insurance company seeks an executive assistant with a minimum of five years' experience in an administrative position. Prefers candidates...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2009年05月04日

  3. Human Resources, Office Management, or as an Administrative Assistant is greatly preferred.

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  4. ...year in April to the peaceful and undisturbed life insurance works as the administrative assistant , has studied more concerned accountants the aspect...

  5. ... Assistant and Administrative Assistant . The experiences of...幫你修改了一些, 希望照你自己原來的 意思 。。還有有些單字要加復數的。 加油!

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  6. ... to be able to your firm service. Interview是面試的 意思 。通常firm是指公司。 要是我弄錯的話就先說對不起了。

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  7. ...the period, I’ve also served as an administrative assistant in a computer software company. I’ve learned...這樣的一篇文章通常是必須分段的喔,而有些措詞的 意思 的確是怪怪的,我稍微改了些,也可以再請教他人...

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  8. ... a total of 10. To assist the accountant, 4 administrative assistants are introduced. Those ...寫甚麼呀?!) 不行了,我投降…… 你先告訴我你中文 意思 是甚麼我再幫你看….. @.@

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  9. ...communicate 就有 ‘溝通’的 意思 了。Intercommunicate... Producers和 Administrative Producers。 副導演確是 Assistant Director,有時也分...

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  10. ... think 通常有比較不確定的 意思 ﹐我個人覺得在面試中﹐你需要表現出... used to work as an assistant and I had experiences in customer service and administrative works. To me...

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