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  1. 係可以代表我咁解 She will act on my behalf in case of urgency即是話 :- 在緊急情況之下她可以代表本人處理某項事宜 圖片參考: ivan 圖片參考:

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  2. Acting 有幾個解法﹕ 1) 代理的﹐臨時的 (Temporarily assuming the duties or authority of another) 2) 演戲﹐演出 (The performance of a part or role in a drama) 3) 假裝 (False behavior; pretense)

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  3. such an act = 這個舉動/行為/法案/法令 The meaning shall depend on what you want to express ......

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  4. 教戲劇的書 Acting in the Real World is the second...creative elements. Students will learn about the acting theories of the 20th century and create their own...

  5. Double- acting = 復式作用的, 雙重作用的 Double acting door (雙推拉門) is...

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  6. ... take >> TOFEL 同IELTS 係英文考試, 而SAT 同 ACT 係official 既入學試. sat 係用黎入usa 既大學, 而 act 係用黎入usa 既college...

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  7. An act is one of the main divisions oa a play, an opera, etc. ( 戲劇或歌劇... into ( 戲劇或歌劇的 ) 場 eg. The hero dies in Act 5, Scene 3. 男主角在第 5 幕第 3 場死去。

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  8. Save words = 省卻說話 = 唔使講咁多 Act please = 請作出行動 = 行動最實際 Save words, act please! = 唔使講咁多,行動最實際!

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  9. ... well defined private property right, a maximizing individual always acts to maximize economic rent. As long as the price discrimination is a...

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