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  1. ...以外,語言學還有一大塊是關於語言和人類認知關係的研究:其中Language acquisition , developmental linguistics, second language acquisition , psycholinguistics and...

  2. There is a tumor in the chest. 2015-01-19 06:36:47 補充: Unknown. This is a CT. So you need more diagnosis to confirm.

  3. is acquired. Usually, the answer is yes (as most acquisition is to acquire everything, assets and debts). 3. Not sure...

  4. ... Coordinator 8.協調訂購物資 = Liaise materials acquisition orders 9.收發電郵 = e-mailing

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  5. Dr.: Investment in Subsidiary Cr: Bank/Cash 假設100%是A公司對B公司有控制權. 即使持有100%股票但沒有控制權(如董事局架構, 投票...)就不是母子公司關係. 與P&L無關, 另外A要以集團名義要做...

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  6. 跟收購相關的交易成本是怎樣在會計上紀錄的? 這可能問你有關的 journal entries。如果是,我能答你是要 expensed。 (讀緊 acquistion, consolidation 既 accounting,聽曰quiz)

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  7. 字典上當然冇這個字,只不過有人將兩個字加在一起,創出這個字,不倫不類。即是 [explicit] + [ acquisition ] ,中文意思即是 {明確獲得}。 例子 :Japanese + sandal = jandal (日本人字拖鞋)

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  8. ...large scale, already trained staff, and consequently, much lower customer acquisition costs. - brand equity is an achieved asset which includes...

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  9. Hong Kong Disneyland is the first theme park inside the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort [, which] is owned and managed by the Hong Kong International Theme...

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  10. ..., specialise in property transactions)merger & acquisition on listed company: DLA PIPER HONG KONG ...

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