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  1. ...進入小聯盟的高中生經過4年、非高中生3年後,就具有R5D的資格。當別隊 Acquire 你隊上有R5D資格的球員後,他只要付你5萬元就可以把選手帶回家,對於...

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  2. ...: Impact of Intensive-Care-Unit(ICU)- Acquired Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia(VAP) on ...

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  3. ...的 多加 s 成為 aids 是複數的英文文法! 當然, 這張圖與 AIDS ( acquired immunodeficiency syndrome 愛滋病) 是無關連的!

  4. ...she want. 4.know-how Obtaining ability to do something . like technology.5. acquire Hoping something to get ,or asking some-body for . something . 6.endorse...

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  5. ...weight-lifter . It is not known that as for habits and acquired characteristics this of his I get !

  6. 只有(B)與(A)(C)(D)的 意思 相反

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  7. ...大戰中,G.I開始被解釋為government issue的 意思 ,被當作形容詞,代表所有與軍隊有關的事物。 By the next war, G.I. had acquired the meaning of an enlisted soldier. ...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2007年01月17日

  8. Company acquired 100 shares of its own $1 par common stock for $30 per share. 公司獲得100股的股份,而每一股的價位為$1,相當於普通股的每股價為$30。

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  9. 這裡雖然有個逗號, 但你不能把"Understanding how young" 這樣切開. "young, typically developing"是連在一起用來形容 children的. 整句是: "了解年幼, 典型的發展中兒童如何學習語言, 對教師在.....是有幫助的."

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  10. ...中的 in conditions, 解釋為 ready較適當 ,中文 意思 為 "準備妥當,條件俱備" 例句: 1.) The...是可數,如天候,法律文件合同等... ..., the commitment acquired by the government to have the law in force before November...

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