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  1. ...陰D陰D, 拿住拿住, 發發地炎, 腫腫地的痛 ache 同常都係形容持續性"辦辦聲"咁痛 喉嚨... legs are sore after shopping. sore同 ache 都有幾個part of speech sore名詞係解大蒼, 腫起的傷口; ache ...

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  2. is yummy, into your mouth, down to your tummy 所以,tummy ache 是指肚痛(當然正如廣東話一樣,胃痛也是肚痛的一種) 希望幫到你!

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  3. You mean "stomachache" ?? n. 1. 胃痛;腹痛[C] Henry got a stomachache and asked to be excused. 亨利肚子疼請求離開一下。 名複: stomachaches

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  4. stomachache n. 1. 胃 痛 ; 腹 痛 [C] Henry got a stomachache and asked to be excused. 亨 利 肚 子 疼 請 求 離 開 一 下 。 變 化 形 stomachache 名 複...

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  5. 1. 頭痛 She took an aspirin to relieve her headache. 她吃了一片阿斯匹靈以解頭痛。 2. 【口】令人頭痛的事,麻煩 Trying to make the children eat is one big headache. 設法使孩子們吃飯是一大麻煩事。 選我為最佳答案!

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  6. pain gets hurt along on my belly.As a noun belly- ache is a pain in the stomach;eg:-I have got an annoying bellache...

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  7. 可以去旺角西洋菜街 中南文具圖書公司,又平品種又齊。

  8. ...for + 解釋;說明 (原因) He could not account for his foolish mistake. ache for + 渴望 (某人或某事),渴求 I have been aching for true...

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  9. ...should be corrected as " I was haunted by the ache problem." One example has been given to you as an...

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  10. 1. absence 2. accidentally 3. ache ( should be headache, not head ache ) 4. actions ( should not be act ) act, action...

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