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  1. ...肚子痛/ 背痛,動詞用 haveI have a stomachache / backache / toothache / headache.※ ache 有的時候合起來是一個字,有的時候分開成兩個字。其他的 ache 有ear ache , stomachache...

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  2. ache .............疼痛 blind............瞎的,盲的 clap..............拍手,鼓掌 deep...

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  3. ...gotmegood.html 《 Part Of Lyrics 》 My back is aching , my bra too tight My hip's shaking from left to right ...

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  4. My heart aches whenever I see those poor children on TV. 應該要改為My heart was ached whenever I see those poor children on TV. 改為被動式會比較好,我覺得.我的答案不一定是對的喔!

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  5. ache .html 這裡是英文 2011-08-17 09:47:38 補充: 在這裡就先謝謝了 ache .html 這裡是英文

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  6. 肌肉痠痛 = muscle ache , sore muscle My muscles are aching . I am feeling muscle pain. I have sore muscles.

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  7. My head is aching badly.I need to take a rest. 我的頭痛得很厲害。我得休息一下。badly為非常地 惡劣地之意 After the race, I had aches and pains all over. 比賽後,我全身都在痛。

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  8. ...everytime anybody speaks your name, I still feel the same, I ache , I ache , I ache inside. In my head I play your...

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  9. Let me the your Love ache again. 讓我再為你的愛疼痛。

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  10. ...the purchase of a piano. He purchased this stamp at an auction. 疼痛 ache I have a backache. My heart ached for the poor child. 基本的...

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