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  1. Both are yes. Whether an electronic appliance includes accessories is totally up to the manufacturer, not the retailers. It ...

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  2. ... Chicken rice have chicken meat, vegetables ,soup, the accessories of condiment flavours and relish to the Hainan styled food.

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  3. 原文網址: accessory /materials-tools 原文網址:

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  4. 提供,在水錶到消火栓之間,安裝和連接消防栓,304不銹鋼管在溝槽(地下管),包括路面可拆卸表面蓋板和所有其他配件的完整系統

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  5. .... Advertisement helps to sell goods(coffee+baby food+ accessories , etc.) by making public announcement in TV,etc. As a commercial....

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  6. ...'t the slightest idea what you want---too much unnecessary accessories (=5x5) suggesting uncertainty about your needs from C/...

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  7. ...藍莓(blueberry)是假漿果(flase berry);   草莓(strawberry)屬於附果( accessory fruit); 2015-04-29 15:27:07 補充: Berries which develop from an inferior...

    分類:社會及文化 > 語言 2015年05月16日

  8. ... or non-essentials.Hats or caps are accessories and can be classified as leisure items.

    分類:社會及文化 > 語言 2015年04月12日

  9. ...帶的話都會打開車頭冚引擎前方就會睇到,或者係睇到用Cam帶推嘅 Accessories Belt (推水Pump, 風油馱Pump等用),因為會方便車主自己...

  10. 1)Aquiline nose(鷹鉤鼻) 2)uccal fat pad頰脂肪墊 3)Lip(唇) 4)Facial skeleton(面部骨骼) 5)Supraorbital ridge(眶上脊) 6)Wrinkle(皺紋) 7)Zygomatic bone(顴骨)