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  1. ...a factory.They married after they knew each other in a project. Federer has a sister that older than him two years.She...

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  3. Federer was the flag carrier for his country in the 2004 Summer Olympic, so he did participate in that year's game. But he did not win any metal.

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  4. no,he didn't particpate the olympic games

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  5. Men 1 Roger Federer (Sui) 0 7290.0 2 Rafael Nadal... (Esp) 4 484.0 87 Edouard Roger -Vasselin (Fra) 1 479.0 88 Simone...

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  6. 費達拿 費德勒( Roger Federer ,又譯費德爾或費德瑞,1981年8月8日—),瑞士...羅傑有一位比他大兩歲的姊姊黛安娜(Diana Federer ),是一位護士。 費德勒在網球方面很有天份...

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  7. 費達拿( Roger Federer ,1981年8月8號—)喺瑞士巴塞爾(Basel)附近嘅Binningen出世...

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  8. Roger Federer (SUI) Birthdate: 8-Aug-81 Birthplace: ...

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  9. 姓名:費德勒( Roger Federer ) 性別:男 國籍:瑞士 生日:1981.8.8 出生地:巴塞爾(瑞士) 常住地:伯特明根...冠軍亞軍 2006冠軍亞軍冠軍冠軍冠軍 我唔可係度放相,去gettyimages度打 federer 一定有!

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  10. 網球拍 site Roger Federer was directly involved in the development and design of this new model. Roger ...

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