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  1. 1) a, X 2) x, The 3)The, A, The 4)An, The 5)An, The 6)a, a, the, the 7)a, a, a, the 8)X, X 9)a, the, a,the 10)The, The 11)The,a,the 12)an,the,a

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  2. ...public, the death of 3 people during the 2 years when the plant has not opened . ~ After she finds the situation has not improved...

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  3. ...might be enough but think about it: the person is stucked in prison for the rest of his/her life - they'll find...from a 3rd person point of view (ie. give a feeling of open -mindedness), don't use "I think" or "...

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