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  1. Past History  過去的歷史: Major systemic disease : HTN for 5-6 years, DM for 20 years...

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  2. 根據立新診所張光正醫師解釋, 如果把肌膚結構看成是蓋在斜坡上的房子, 有分淺層(表皮+皮下組織)、 中層(肌肉筋膜)、 深層(韌帶+深層脂肪墊或筋膜室+骨膜),這三層喔! 詳細資訊請參考這邊: major _view.php?id=57710

  3. ...剖離筋膜上層及下層。 相關資訊可以參考官網喔! major _view.php?id=57709"

  4. ...可以去找醫師諮詢看看,關於法令紋的困擾喔! major _view.php?id=57685"

  5. ...of free storage space does not affect the computer performance. Instead, 2 major factor largely determines how fast your computer can go: 1. CPU...

  6. Currently,the e-reader market (is dominated) by three major brands. --- (C) 1) Currently = 現時 → ∴ 用 present tense 2...

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  7. Absolutely not. At least 2 major components are not comparable - intake manifold and transmission.

  8. Unable to answer. While the earthquake can make a major impact, the exact impact done depends on the location of the epicenter, depth, as well as the magnitude of the earthquake. So there is no universal answer to your question.

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  9. Q1: (B) nor Q2: (D) results in 導致 Q3: (A) it Q4: (C) therefore Q5: (B) imports

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