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  1. 報廢 率 discarding rate, scrap rate 報廢 金額 scrap cost 成長率 growth rate, rate of increase 缺貨率 shortage rate, stock-out rate, out of stock rate

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  2. 1. Business Name 2. Stock or sales return 3. Cause damage or disaster 4. Outsourced damage deterioration or contamination 5. Whether the excise tax vendors 6. For matters 7. Leader 8. To obtain proof of...

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  3. "假如有不良品卡住或髒污,一律 報廢 處理" Any defects stuck or dirty must be rejected.... 單字 defects =不良品、瑕疵品 rejected= 報廢 discard=扔棄 by all means = 一律、一定、無論如何都要

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  4. "The process of scrapped instrument will be carried out by Personel Administration Department and will outsource for an appropriate counterpart."

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  5. 1. 使用一次後 報廢 Discard after use. 或者 Usable once only! 2. 定義為5110製程後...玻璃 Litmited to 5110 production after discard a large unshattered glass. 3. 產品 報廢 後 After the product discarded...或 After the product ...

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  6. ... (yield rate=良率=製造生產的良率, 不良率=1-良率) 報廢 損失額 scrap amount (scrap rate = 報廢 率) 製程 production process 交貨不良 Delivery...

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  7. ...生產力 productivity of the manpower 平均用人費用 the average cost for manpower 原物料 報廢 率 the scrapping rate of the raw materials 非原物料 報廢 率 the...

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  8. 1.零件車 2.流當車 3.權利車 Right car 4.無牌車 5. 報廢 的車子 2014-08-12 07:56:48 補充: 零件車 Parts car 流當車 Flow when the car 無牌車 Unlicensed vehicles 報廢 的車子 Scrap cars

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  9. 我們公司的不良品 報廢 規定是保留不良品兩週. Our corporate policy on disposal of waste parts...

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  10. 版大 英文 很棒,文法上沒什麼多大錯誤,劃線部份為更正處僅供參考: 恪遵...shipment and achieve error-free shipping operations. 遵守標準 報廢 倉管理程序,謹慎管理 報廢 倉存貨,達成 報廢 倉管理零缺失。 To...

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